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#Inktober 10/18: a quick Kiki. Finally got to watch the movie while packing. #imaginashon

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#Inktober 10/17: Lowly Worm from #RichardScarry ‘s Busy Town. I loved him to bits growing up! #imaginashon

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phinbella2001 said:

Okay thank you for answering my question. See I'm new on this, anyway could I ask you a question on your blog now or do I have to wait till it reopens and if you have already answered that then im terribly sorry, thanks a million.

I’m going to post this question since I have been getting a few like this… As well as asks through fanmail.

Please read under the cut if you follow the Ties That Bind Ask Blog. Important info about asking questions.

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Shooo I’m behind two days in my inktobers, mostly due to visiting friends, one of my fave cousins has been here, and also packing. Next week I’ll try to get commissions done as well as some asks from the blog. And more inktobers, lol! I’ll post the ones I missed yesterday and today, tomorrow

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The Book of Life is an AMAZING movie. Animation, textures, songs, everything in it, right up there with HTTYD2.

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#Inktober 10/16: another #phineasandferb monster au pic. Not the best shading again, but I added a Pinky! #phinbella #phinabella

I can’t stop just thinking up scenarios (I blame you two, April and Mona :T) Where Izzie tries to have Phineas come out in midday. Being a vampire, kinda difficult for him, but he still does it some times just to make her happy.  First time he goes, she gives him her umbrella, tho it’s pretty small and difficult to hide under

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Click image for linkThis is LONG overdue (I am SO SORRY) which is why there are inaccuracies in the costumes and designs. BUT, I have completed it.

Hope you like it, Girl! #not-a-comedian ‘s Duck Dodgers 404

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Can I color this? Please

No, you can’t color it. This was an Inktober project. You do not have permission.

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#Inktober 10/15: #turning-the-tide ‘s monster AU of phineas and isabella. #phineasandferb #phinbella #imaginashon

Basically thought that, despite monsters usually being around during the night, Isabella sometimes forgets that Phineas is a vampire, so she’ll get excited and go see if he wants to check stuff out in midday.

"Phineas, guess what—!"

"OH HEY WHOA DUDE! Isabella, close the coffin!"

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#Inktober 10/14: my lil fatty, Pepito! “Hey Tippy, watch a doooooooin?” #kerfuffle #imaginashon #kicsterash #my OCS #IJ

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#Inktober 10/13: Preschool #phinbella because I needed to draw something else sweet on another rainy day. #kicsterash #phineasandferb

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Day behind. #Inktober 10/12: my OCs Em and his twin sister Akiko. Feeling heavy-hearted this morning. Happy thanksgiving c:

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art-sicle said:

Cool!!! Your an animator also!! Which studio you worked at?

I just graduated from university last spring ^^; I haven’t worked at any studios officially yet. Only as freelance for Disney, but that was for less than a month

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#Inktober 10/11: #not-a-comedian ‘s character from her Saudade project. I really love her OCs and styleee #imaginashon

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Oops, I aged Gretchen to adulthood now. Dunno yet if I want them to be a real couple, but the song “Bruises” by Train is something I wanted Buford to sing to a girl he knew in TTB for a while.

Can… Can I just die here or squee in happiness to my otp? I don’t want them to date but my gosh they’d be cute if Buford’s daughter tried matching them up.