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Felt like drawing little Mishah with her hair down for once

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I hope it wasn’t mine that upset you :( I like drawing them older, but I’ve been staying clear of spoilers

lol nono trust me nothing you’ve drawn has been anything near as spoilery as what certain fans are doing XD

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Waky waky, Wander ~<3

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PnF - Musical Cliptastic Countdown S1 - 3. ‘Busted’

Funny story about this song that happened in June

I was drawing and listening to music while my mom was checking her bank account. She found out Dad had gotten paid and immediately took cash out of the account to reward himself (he does it now and then, and honestly he deserves is). Mom knew he did it, but figured she’d groan out loud anyway and say “Ooooh, he took money out, the little bugger.”

So being who I was, I grinned and turned up my music since this song was playing. My mom couldn’t hold back a laugh when Candace and Vanessa started singing Busted.

So she got me to tell him the story when he got back home and then I played the first verse and the chorus.


And Dad laughed the hardest I had ever heard him laugh in a while.

That was one of two awesome reactions my parents had to a PnF song. The other was Gitchee Gitchee Goo but I’ll save story for another day ;)

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somnio-the-lampent said:

Here is a pair for your kissing challenge: Cousin and Meowkie from Namco High, Number 6

You’re lucky I’ve got a best friend who played this game cuz otherwise I wouldn’t have had a clue on what this was X)

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jordby said:

If you're still doing these, Simon and Jeanette with #2, perhaps? ^^;;

I would have linearted these properly but I had nu tiem sorry ^^;

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spassywolf said:

1 Mulan/ sleeping!Shang, 2 Minnie/Mickey, 13 Jack Frost/Elsa, 6 Rapunzel/Eugene, 7 Danny/Sam, 4 Hiccup/Astrid, 6 Calleigh/Mitch, 3 Ash/Zack or 2 Sparky/Maddie. Draw which ever one you want. I will love it no matter what

I was tempted to do Hiccup and Astrid, REALLY badly, but I just didn’t have the time. Nor the time to do all of these, so I just chose Ash and Zack

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thatgalwiththepantson said:

Ferb Fletcher and Vanessa, number 6 please :D

It is REALLY hard not to make a #6 kiss look passionate with these two because his freakin box nose keeps getting in the way!

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Gitchee Gitchee Goo means that I love you!

Some fanart for imaginashon and kiki-kit because they’re awesome and deserve it. Credit to the older designs of these two go squarely to those two talented ladies! Can’t get enough of ask-tiesthatbind! Go check it out everyone!

Can I just srsly hug you <3 alreughkjbafdjva;ioeblkdf

This pic came at the perfect time too. I love the way you draw these two nevermind I love your styleeeeeee 8D Gah, all this fanart we’re getting is so sweet!

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I had to get the font and texture from my old computer. THat took longer than it was supposed to… Happy 7th Anniversary to PnF!

Story posted on deviantart, click the image to get the links ;)

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K let’s see if I can get this done for tonight’s story

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I’ll play with this after work and after I finish my characters for my portfolio

poster sketch for the ToonZ/PnF 7th anniversary short story I started writing last winter. Only three chapters.

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Pffffft, you should. Do it. Do it. DO IT! *peer pressure set to max* :)

LOL omg youmakingitworse XDDD I’ll make a pretty poster for it and then I’ll post it either tomorrow or Friday X)

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I had written this really, really special ToonZ two-part story that discussed the Sources of Phineas and Ferb, but was super hesitant in posting it due to you know… maybe getting inaccurate information about how the creators pitched it. I know Swampy was in London at the time but that’s all, so a lot of the info I’ve got to rely on is an article that is no longer online and that I have but is glued in a sketchbook that is packed away. Since Dan in particular makes an appearance in the story, I’ve been SOOO hesitant in posting it… dunwannagetstuffwronghehe

Then again it IS a fanfic, but still. Since it is PnF’s 7th Anniversary since the pilot aired, I thought of posting it. Should I? ^^; X) Has cameos of Wander, Oswald, Scrooge and of course the PnF gang. Mickey’s telling the story.