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As soon as this job is completed I shall get back to commissions, keeping up connections and drawing for the Ask blog. Also, getting advice on storyboarding because I need to

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((I’m sorry guys, but while some artists may enjoy it, We don’t. Do not repost these answers on Instagram or anywhere else, especially without giving us credit or asking permission. I know it’s sort of a nuissance to remind you that we don’t like it, and it seems to happen very often within the PnF fandom. So we are asking very kindly that you guys don’t repost our art or responses on any other website. That goes for art from dA. We will report otherwise.))

Reblogging this here because I’m getting just a tad tired about it. I know it’ll keep happening but I will voice my irritation about it. If you want to print it out or keep it on your desktop, then by all means do so. But please don’T repost it.

Some artists are ok with it, but I am not. So please, if you don’T plan on even asking permission, do not post the art anywhere.

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crysangelo said:

When drawing digital art, do you draw it on paper and scan it to the computer? Or is it drawn on computer only?

Usually I draw it by hand before scanning it and putting it onto the computer. Sometimes, if they’Re warm up pics, I start on the computer, but usually I don’t I’d rather draw by hand first.

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jiosen replied to your post: Been playing with the relationship bet…

Oh look. A squishy character for Jiji to hug. Expect fanart. 8 | (Also Acorn looks so happy. I must know more! <3 )

LOL nono I really don’t think Cas would appreciate her hugs, unfortunately ^^; He doesn’t let anyone interact with him other than Acorn or Spike. Backstory stuff X) Though she would get along fairly well with Acorn lol

I shall post their Backstory eventually ;)

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Been playing with the relationship between my characters Acorn and Casimir.

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turning-the-tides said:

Once you get this you have to say 5 nice things about yourself publicly, then send it to 10 of your favourite followers!

This honestly came at the right time for me. X)

Let’s see…

1) I draw well

2) I’m a quick animator

3) I am beautiful

4) I am diligent

5) I am a devoted Catholic Christian

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Me: Did Mom cry at HTTYD2?
Lil Bro: No
Me: What?? How is it that she doesn’t cry at that part but I always do?
Lil Bro: Mom was asleep


My parents and youngest brother went to see HTTYD2 twice like me, and when I questioned why Mom didn’t cry at that one part, my bro said that she fell asleep (Mom loves going to movies but she overworks herself so much with her kindergarten class and just being a Mom that movie theatres are the best place for her to take a snooze. That’s why we never watch movies with her in the dark.).

When I mentioned this to my parents later, Dad just burst out laughing while my mom exclaimed “I was not asleep at that part! I did not fall asleep!”

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Another IJ character that got redesigned. And a change of skin colour too c:

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Felt like drawing little Mishah with her hair down for once

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I hope it wasn’t mine that upset you :( I like drawing them older, but I’ve been staying clear of spoilers

lol nono trust me nothing you’ve drawn has been anything near as spoilery as what certain fans are doing XD

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Waky waky, Wander ~<3

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PnF - Musical Cliptastic Countdown S1 - 3. ‘Busted’

Funny story about this song that happened in June

I was drawing and listening to music while my mom was checking her bank account. She found out Dad had gotten paid and immediately took cash out of the account to reward himself (he does it now and then, and honestly he deserves is). Mom knew he did it, but figured she’d groan out loud anyway and say “Ooooh, he took money out, the little bugger.”

So being who I was, I grinned and turned up my music since this song was playing. My mom couldn’t hold back a laugh when Candace and Vanessa started singing Busted.

So she got me to tell him the story when he got back home and then I played the first verse and the chorus.


And Dad laughed the hardest I had ever heard him laugh in a while.

That was one of two awesome reactions my parents had to a PnF song. The other was Gitchee Gitchee Goo but I’ll save story for another day ;)

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somnio-the-lampent said:

Here is a pair for your kissing challenge: Cousin and Meowkie from Namco High, Number 6

You’re lucky I’ve got a best friend who played this game cuz otherwise I wouldn’t have had a clue on what this was X)